Benefits of Pressure Washing for Removing Organic Growth

Aug 9, 2021

Taking good care of your house is the key to keeping it safe for you and your family, so it can be concerning when what appears to be mildew and black mold on your house begins to grow. The good news is that it’s not likely either of these, and Acme Pressure Washing can provide a quick and safe solution.

What is organic growth?

Growth begins as fungi from pollen spores. Moss, lichens, and molds attach to this fungus as a food source. Usually, this type of mold does not cause respiratory problems or harm to your family. This is just your typical mold. The fact remains that it is on your property, and you do not want it there. In addition to hurting your curb appeal, it can also affect your homeowners’ insurance rates. If left unattended for long enough, it will eventually rot. As a responsible homeowner, you don’t need that type of concern, especially when an easy fix is available.

How to remove organic growth

Oftentimes, organic growth is hidden behind shrubbery, under siding or shingles, or sometimes in plain sight. It is important to remove mold and mildew carefully to avoid damaging other areas of your home or home’s surroundings.


The best way to remove this type of growth is with a combination of chlorinated chemicals and pressure washing, which will remove the growth without damaging your home, home surroundings, family, or pets.

Benefits of pressure washing when removing organic growth

Increases property value

Cleaning the building, and washing it regularly, reduces the growth of organic plants. Washing will increase the property value dramatically compared to letting them look neglected. Then, if you are trying to sell your property, potential buyers will not be put off by the exterior.

Prevents costly repairs

The most unexpected benefit of power washing a house is the prevention of future maintenance. A build-up of growth can cause the wood to rot faster, leading to leaks. When removed regularly, this activity makes your home more appealing in the long run.

Fresh exterior to add paint on

Overpainting the growths may be an option, but it will result in an unattractive finish. It undermines the integrity of the job at its core. Paint your home or apartment after you’ve washed it to make it look great and last longer. Whether you are painting a small portion of your home or a large one, you should still consider it done to prepare your home for new paint.


Seek Professional Exterior House Cleaning Services

For your home to look new and attractive, Acme Pressure Washing is here for you. It is our goal to completely remove these substances to restore the look of your home, protect the paint, and make your building stand out from the rest! For the highest quality pressure washing services anywhere in Merrimack, choose our family-owned and operated company. Set up your free estimate by giving us a call at (603) 883-6900 or contact us on our website.

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